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Welcome to Prestwick St Nicholas Golf Club

The 26th Oldest Golf Club in the World


Co-Founded by Old Tom Morris in 1851


"A round at Prestwick St Nicholas is pure enjoyment." - Jim Robertson


"A true links that played very firm & fast, wonderful." - Jim Hartsell


"Very enjoyable, a great variety of holes, a challenge but a fair challenge." - The Average Golfer


Experience what old Tom began

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Please note that our dress code allows for tailored shorts only to be worn.

Shorts with external pockets, beach style shorts and baggy shorts trailing way below the knees would not comply with the description of ‘tailored shorts’.  Cargo style shorts or shorts with external pockets are not allowed.

If members could adhere to the dress code it will make the job of controlling what visitors wear much easier.

Thank you for your co-operation.


The 26th oldest golf club in the world