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Welcome to Prestwick St Nicholas Golf Club

The 26th Oldest Golf Club in the World


Co-Founded by Old Tom Morris in 1851


"A round at Prestwick St Nicholas is pure enjoyment." - Jim Robertson


"A true links that played very firm & fast, wonderful." - Jim Hartsell


"Very enjoyable, a great variety of holes, a challenge but a fair challenge." - The Average Golfer


Experience what old Tom began

Local Rules


Visitors who have paid a green fee or persons who have been granted courtesy of the course are Temporary Members of the Club. As such they are entitled to the privileges of the Clubhouse and Course and are obliged to comply with the Club rules.

The Secretary and/or Starter shall issue visitors with a copy of the Club rules on dress and etiquette.

Visitors are not permitted to play on Gents’ weekend and Wednesday competition days and not before 12.00noon on Ladies’ Thursday competition days.

Subject to this, visitor times are as follows:

Weekdays: Not before 9.30am or after 4.00pm

Weekends: Not before 2.00pm

Booked visitor tee times are available to view via the on-line booking system.


The Clubhouse shall be open on those days and at such hours as shall be fixed by the Committee and posted in the Clubhouse.  The hours during which catering and bar service shall be available shall also be posted in the Clubhouse.

The regulations for the supply of meals and refreshments along with the Tariff shall be displayed in the Bar and Dining Room.

Members or members’ groups may apply to the Management Committee for the use of Clubhouse facilities for functions or special occasions.

All non-members attending functions etc must be signed in on entering the Clubhouse. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests are aware of and adhere to the Club Dress Code

No form of gambling shall be allowed in the Clubhouse. No card playing shall be allowed in the Clubhouse except in the Tom Morris Room or rooms authorised by the Committee.

No dogs, except guide dogs, may be taken into the Clubhouse.

Grip bags, umbrellas and outdoor clothing must not be taken into any public room.  Items of clothing must not be hung over chairs in any public room and the wearing of hats in any public room is not allowed unless through medical exemption

Golf clubs may not be brought into the Clubhouse through the front entrance hallway.

Mobile telephones must be set to silent in Public Rooms. Mobile phones may only be used to make or receive calls in the front entrance hallway and in the locker rooms.

Children and young persons under the age of 18 are not permitted in any area of the Clubhouse where alcohol is sold or consumed unless accompanied by an adult.


Visitors should familiarise themselves with the sections in the Rules of Golf on Etiquette, Pace of Play and Ready Golf and adhere to their provisions/recommendations

Visitors should also familiarise themselves with Pace of Play guidelines issued by Committee.

In particular:

(i) You should always show consideration for other players on the course.

(ii) You should always play at a good pace.

(iii) It is a group’s responsibility to keep up with the group in front.

(iv) If you lose a clear hole and delay the group behind, you should invite the group behind to play through, irrespective of the number of players in that group.

(v) Where your group has not lost a clear hole, but it is apparent that the group behind can play faster, you should also invite the faster moving group to play through.

Players must use caddy car paths and keep caddy cars outside any white lines that have been drawn on the Course.  Caddy cars must not be taken onto greens or the approaches to greens.


The dress code does not apply to children under 10 years of age.

Dress must be of an acceptable standard at all times

Clothes worn on the Course should be the usual acceptable golf clothing at all times. For the avoidance of doubt, any item of clothing displaying a football club badge, logo, emblem, motif or name is not considered appropriate dress.

Denims and combat style clothing are not allowed in any area of the Clubhouse or the Course.

Shorts may be worn if they are of a tailored type and may be worn with sports socks including trainer socks.

Shirts should be tucked into shorts or trousers at all times

Proper golf shoes must be worn on the Course and on the practice putting green. Soft spiked golf shoes may be worn in the Charlie Hunter Bar. Clean flat soled golf shoes can be worn throughout the Clubhouse.

Flip-flops are not allowed in any area of the course or the clubhouse.


Cars should be parked carefully between the white lines to allow unrestricted access to other users.

Members, guests and visitors must not change clothes or shoes in the car park.

Members must display on their golf bag the bag tag with which they have been provided to show their category of membership.

Members must report to the Secretary any damage they may have caused to Club property or property adjoining the course. This also applies to damage to parked car.

Players are not allowed to be accompanied by a dog.

Items of property belonging to the Club such as hand towels, toilet requisites, glasses etc must not be removed from the Clubhouse or its environs.


Personal single seat ride-on buggies are allowed on the course subject to certain restrictions, details of which can be obtained from the Secretary’s office or Pro-Shop.

The Club has a number of two-seater and single seater golf buggies available for hire.

Permission to use or hire a buggy will be granted subject to prevailing ground and weather conditions and on completion of the appropriate ‘Conditions of Use’ documentation.

Buggies may only be used during competitions on production of a medical certificate.

The Head Greenkeeper’s decision on whether buggies may be used on any given day will be final.

The 26th oldest golf club in the world