Club Info

Welcome to Prestwick St Nicholas Golf Club

The 26th Oldest Golf Club in the World


Co-Founded by Old Tom Morris in 1851


"A round at Prestwick St Nicholas is pure enjoyment." - Jim Robertson


"A true links that played very firm & fast, wonderful." - Jim Hartsell


"Very enjoyable, a great variety of holes, a challenge but a fair challenge." - The Average Golfer


Experience what old Tom began

Hours of Play:

Unrestricted play; Intermediate members are entitled to play in all medals and Club knock-out competitions.

Membership Costs

 Entrance Fee:   There is currently no entrance fee for Intermediate membership.

Annual Subscription:

Age 18-24 £381

Age 25-30 £572

The annual subscription can be spread over ten months using the Club’s finance partner.

The subscription year runs from 01 June – 31 May.

Other Information

Intermediate members are required to pay £17 in respect of a Scottish Golf/Ayrshire Golf Association Affiliation Fee .

An Annual Levy of £85 (amount of Levy to be confirmed annually at AGM) in respect of the Irrigation System installed in 2022 is payable by Intermediate members (Age 25-30).  The Levy will run for 10 years, from 01/06/22 until 01/06/2031.


Intermediate Members may apply for admission to Ordinary or Associate Membership up to the end of the subscription year in which he or she attains their 30th birthday, at which point Intermediate Membership will cease. Such applications shall have priority over applications on the waiting list.

Intermediate Members who have not previously been Junior Members of the Club will require to pay an entry fee on applying for Ordinary membership.

The entry fee payable shall be equivalent to one times the annual Ordinary subscription as appropriate subject to a reduction of 10% for each year as an Intermediate Member up to a maximum reduction of 70%.

All applications for membership require to be proposed and seconded by two existing Club members or sponsored by the Captain and Vice-Captain acting together on the submission of two verifiable references.


The 26th oldest golf club in the world