Winter Rules

Winter Rules for 2019/20 Season

From Monday 11th November the white fairway protection posts will be installed and all golf played on the course will be subject to our winter playing rules.  The rules are detailed below:

1. If your ball comes to rest within any area defined by these posts you MUST mark and lift the ball and then replace it on a fairway protection mat. These mats will be located close to the Gentleman’s entrance at the rear of the clubhouse. You may clean the ball before replacing it onto the mat.

2. If a ball comes to rest on the fairway before or beyond these posts you may play it as it lies or play it from a fairway protection mat. In both cases you may clean the ball as per the preferred lie rule.

3. In your ball comes to rest on a temporary green marked as GUR you MUST take relief in accordance with Rule 16-1 or play it from where it came to rest on the temporary green, providing you use a fairway protection mat.

4. When playing a hole where the teeing off markers have been positioned on an area with artificial turf you MUST play from the artificial turf. The two club lengths back option is not available on these holes.

Additional Notes for Members Competitions can be found under the Members Section