Our Club


After many years and the work of many Lady Captains, the Ladies Locker Room refurbishment has begun!

On the morning of Sunday 10th February, a happy group of volunteers, armed with crow bars and hammers, arrived at the Clubhouse to start ripping out the old lockers. It was heavy, dirty work with some brute force thrown in for good measure.

As the lockers were dismantled, there was the steady trudge up and down the back stairs to load up the skip which was parked at the front door. We estimated that we’d each scaled the equivalent of a Munro by the time the skip was full.

THANK YOU to our Secretary Eddie Prentice for providing the skip for the job.

The Ladies Section is SO GRATEFUL to the team for giving up their time and, in so doing, for saving us so much money in labour costs.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Neil Foggo, George Tindle, Alistair Belford, Alistair MacMillan, Stephen Kennedy, Colin Ramsay and Vice- Captain, Stuart Miller for all their hard work.

When the team eventually ran out of steam, in came Club Captain Annette to vacuum up the mess we’d made. (How can cleaning be that much fun?) Thanks, Skipper!

The new lockers will arrive at the beginning of March and will be installed following the design and plan provided by Past Captain David Campbell. We have been so grateful for his advice and experience throughout this project.

It seems fitting that, as the old lockers disappear, my tenure as Captain of the Ladies Section also comes to an end. By the time the new lockers arrive, the new Ladies Captain, Laura Glasgow, will be in the role. What a great start to her year. I wish Laura all the best and wish all the ladies the health and happiness to enjoy our new surroundings.

Monica MacMillan,

Captain, Ladies Section 2018/19.


New Pictures

Anyone entering the John Gray Lounge (Mixed Lounge) will have noticed that there are several new pictures depicting scenes from the club over time.  The archivists (Murray & David) have created a small flyer which gives some information relating to each new scene and is available to view from the link below:

New Picture Information (pdf)