Overseas Membership

Overseas Membership 2020/21

The application form is available to download at the bottom of this page.

Hours of Play

Unrestricted play.


Entrance Fee: £295 Single Payment
Annual Subscription: £295 – Single Payment

The subscription year runs from 01 June – 31 May.

Other Information

All members are required to pay an SG subscription, currently £14.50.

Overseas members are NOT required to pay the normal £100 deposit on their clubcard.  The card can, however, be ‘topped up’ when required and currently provides a discount of 15% on list prices for drinks.

Overseas members may sign on a maximum of 3 guests in any one week.

On joining the Club,  Overseas members will receive a Club Polo shirt and a souvenir bag-tag.


In order to qualify for Overseas membership a candidate must be currently domiciled outside the UK.


Overseas members may play in medals but not in Club knock-out competitions.


All applications for membership require to be proposed and seconded by two existing Club members or sponsored by the Captain and Vice-Captain acting together on the submission of two verifiable references.

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