July 2020 – Clubhouse Re-Opening

Clubhouse Re-Opening

The Ground floor of the Clubhouse will re-open to members on Wednesday 15th July 2020.
Members are asked to read the following guidance etc which has been prepared in conjunction with official guidance from the UK and Scottish Governments, the UK Hospitality Industry and the Health and Safety executive.

Track and Trace

Because of the need to keep records of all persons entering the Clubhouse for Contact Tracing purposes, the Clubhouse will open to members at 9.30am Monday – Sunday, although the toilets will be open from 8.00am.

One Way System

A one-way system of movement will be in operation throughout the main areas of the Clubhouse to minimise contact with other members etc and members are asked to adhere to this at all times. This system cannot operate at the front and rear hallways and members are asked to ‘Be Aware’ of other persons using these areas and social distance where possible.

Members etc may enter the John Gray lounge from the Trophy Cabinet hallway but must exit via the Charlie Hunter bar or the Tom Morris room. There will be no entry to the Charlie Hunter bar or the Tom Morris room from the gents’ noticeboard hallway. Entry to both these areas must be via the John Gray Lounge.

Members etc wishing to use the Ladies or Gents’ washrooms must also exit the John Gray lounge as described above.

A number of doors have been wedged open or removed to reduce the number of ‘touch points’ and this has been done after taking advice.

Seating arrangements

A new table seating plan has been put in place which will allow Members etc to adhere to the guidance on social distancing. Members are asked not to move tables or chairs around
as this will cause issues with both social distancing and the sanitising of the furniture after use.

To facilitate the Club’s hygiene and sanitising procedures Members etc must wait to be seated or directed to a table by a member of staff.
Members’ Health and Wellbeing

The following measures are being put in place to safeguard the health and wellbeing of Members, Members’ guests, visitors and staff alike.

• Hand Sanitisers

Hand sanitising stations are located at all entrances to the Clubhouse and Members etc are asked to sanitise their hands, on entry and exit.

• Washrooms

Only one person at a time is allowed to use the washrooms. Hand sanitisers are located in each washroom along with hand-soap and paper towels.

The washrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised each day by the cleaning staff and monitored at regular intervals by the other daytime staff.

• Staff Returning to Work

All staff must sign a fitness to work form at the start of their first shift of the week and weekly thereafter which will include questions on their exposure or potential exposure to Covid – 19.

• PPE and Personal Clothing and Hygiene

Staff must arrive for their shift in fresh clean clothing and use the hand sanitiser provided before entering the building.

Serving staff will be supplied with a personal visor and gloves which must be used when serving customers.

It is recommended that staff wear a face mask.

Staff will wash their hands and/or sanitise them regularly throughout the shift.

• Table settings

All tables have to be completely clear of glasses, plates, cutlery, menus, napkins, table sauces, salt and pepper sets etc before members etc take up their seats.

All table surfaces and chairs will be wiped down and sanitised between users.

• Menus

Laminated menus will be available and will be taken to the table on request but must be removed once the member(s) has ordered. The menu will be wiped clean with a sanitised cloth immediately after use.

• Order Pads

Staff must not interchange order pads. Each staff member should retain their own pad.

• Food Service

Members wishing to avail themselves of the Friday evening or Saturday evening catering service must book in advance to allow staff to organise the seating arrangements. Non-golfers wishing to use the catering service during the day are also advised to book in advance.

Once members etc have been allocated a table a member of staff will take food orders at the table.

For the time being sauce bottles, salt and pepper sets, vinegar, sugar and milk pots etc will not be left on tables. Individually wrapped condiments and sauces will also not be left on tables but will be offered on request and put out with the plated food.

Cutlery and paper napkins will be brought to the table after the order is taken or along with the food and condiments. Members etc are not allowed to help themselves to cutlery.
Plated food will be brought to the table using a disposable paper napkin which will be disposed of after each serving.

Staff will use the one-way system in and out of the kitchen.

Staff have been instructed to be aware of social distancing at all times both with members etc and other members of staff.

Staff will use the one-way system in the lounges as best as possible.

• Bar Service

Only one person will be allowed to order at the bar at a time per group

Members etc must keep behind the social distance tape in front of the bar.

Members etc must not remain at the bar after receiving their drinks order.

Members etc must not return empty glasses to the bar as these will be collected from tables by staff.

• Payment for orders

Members are encouraged to pay by club-card or credit/debit card. Cash will be accepted however.

E D Prentice
Managing Secretary 10 July 2020