January 2021 Playing Restrictions

In light of the changes announced by the First Minister on Monday 4th January, which have resulted in golf only being allowed in a maximum of a two ball, Committee have agreed on the following changes to the tee booking arrangements.

    1. The tee time interval has been reduced to 7 minutes.
    2. Members booking a time should add their playing partner’s name at the time of booking but will now have only up until 12.00noon the following day to enter the second name at their tee slot after which the Starter will allocate unfilled slots to any member wishing to play, subject to the two round maximum per week rule, on a ‘first come first served basis

Any member who has not managed to book a time should give their name to the starter who will allocate them any unfilled slot available.


By adopting these two changes Committee hope to maximise the number of members who can obtain a time to play whilst the extended Tier 4 restrictions remain in place.