Club Rules

  3. DRESS


The Clubhouse shall be open on those days and at such hours as shall be fixed by the Committee and posted in the Clubhouse.  The hours during which catering shall be available shall also be posted in the Clubhouse.

The Committee shall arrange social functions in the Clubhouse and the selection and price of refreshments which may be obtained in the Clubhouse.  Organised groups may have the use of a designated room in the Clubhouse for a function or for meals, subject to Committee approval. In order not to breach the terms of our Club licence all non-members attending functions etc must be signed in on entering the Clubhouse.

No form of gambling shall be allowed in the Clubhouse. No card playing shall be allowed in the Clubhouse except in the Tom Morris Room or rooms authorised by the Committee. No dogs, except guide dogs, may be taken into the Clubhouse.

Grip bags and outdoor garments i.e. hats, rainwear, umbrellas, coats etc. must not be taken into any public room.  Clothing must not be hung over chairs in any public room.  Golf clubs must not be carried through the Clubhouse.

Mobile telephones shall not be switched on in Public Rooms.  Mobile phones may only be used in the lobby adjacent to the front door and in the locker rooms.

Children and young persons under the age of 18 are not permitted in any area of the Clubhouse where alcohol is sold or consumed unless accompanied by an adult.


Members should familiarise themselves with the sections in the Rules of Golf on Etiquette and Pace of Play and adhere to their provisions on the Course. In particular:

(i) You should always show consideration for other players on the course

(ii) You should always play at a good pace. The committee may establish pace of play guidelines that all players should follow. It is a group’s responsibility to keep up with the group in front. If they lose a clear hole and delay the group behind, they should invite the group behind to play through, irrespective of the number of players in that group. Where a group has not lost a clear hole, but it is apparent that the group behind can play faster, they should also invite the faster moving group to overtake them.

Players must use caddy car paths and keep caddy cars outside any white lines that have been drawn on the Course.  Caddy cars must not be taken onto greens, the approaches to greens or the teeing areas.

Playing more than two balls is deemed to constitute practice. Practice pitching onto greens, practice putting on the 18th green, practice from greenside bunkers, and practice iron play from fairways is not permitted. When practising from the rough or areas adjacent to the fairways, members should not leave unsightly divot marks.

Members who win competitions for which any trophy is awarded are expected to attend the Annual Dinner and Presentation of Prizes.

On Ladies and Gents’ competition days, members participating in the competition shall have precedence over all other players and should be allowed to play through if being held up.


The Committee believes that the dress code should be regularly amended to reflect both changes in society and the views and tastes of the Club’s diverse membership.

The Committee also wishes to encourage more members to use all of the facilities within the Clubhouse throughout its opening hours.  Accordingly, a new and simplified dress code has been agreed that specifies the minimum standards of dress required of members, visitors and guests while ensuring that any group that wishes to enjoy the facilities in more formal attire is able to do so.

To encourage families, the dress code does not apply to children under 10 years of age.

Dress must be of an acceptable standard at all times.  Clothes worn on the Course should be specifically designed for the purpose of golf; everyone using the Clubhouse must be smartly and appropriately dressed at all times.

Trousers and shorts must be of a tailored type.  The wearing of jeans or trousers of denim material, combat type garments, sports shorts, track and shell suits, training-type shoes and flip-flops are not permitted in any area of the Clubhouse or the Course.

Shorts must be of knee length and be worn with sports socks; for gentlemen, sports socks must be of at least ankle length.

Shirts must have a collar or be of a polo type or turtle neck.  Polo type shirts and turtle neck shirts must be designed and manufactured for the purpose of playing golf.

Proper golf shoes must be worn on the Course and on the practice putting green.

Soft spiked golf shoes may be worn in the Charlie Hunter Bar.

Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests are aware of and adhere to the standard of dress specified above.

Any member that has booked a room for use by a group for a function or a meal is responsible for ensuring that everyone in the group is aware of and adheres to the standard of dress specified above.


Visitors who have paid a green fee are Temporary Members of the Club. As such they are entitled to the privileges of the Clubhouse and Course and are obliged to comply with the Club rules. The Secretary or Starter shall issue visitors with a copy of the Club rules on dress and etiquette.

Visitors are not permitted to play on Gents’ weekend and Wednesday competition days. Subject to this, visitor times are as follows:

Weekdays: Not before 9.30am or after 4.00pm

Weekends: Not before 2.00pm

Booked tee times are available to view via the on-line booking system.


Gents may only enter week-end competitions by booking through the on-line facility.

For week-end competitions, the on-line facility will become available at 7pm on the Friday evening 8 or 9 days prior to the competition. Members may enter only their own names for medal competitions.

Associate members may not play in match-play competitions but are eligible to play in midweek medals.

In weekend medals, any player who fails to appear for the tee time that they have booked may be written to for an explanation. Any repetition of such action may result in the player being banned from future competitions.

Unless approved by the Committee and posted on the notice board and/or entry sheet, play in Gents’ competitions must take place in three balls or (and only through genuine necessity) in two balls.

A competitor may not tee off without a partner and will be required to make up with the next game even if it means creating two two-ball matches.

Members participating in the competition may not play with a guest.

Whenever the Gents’ competition is based on groups of three players, members who are not taking part in the competition and any guests shall be restricted to 3 ball matches.

On a Gents’ competition day, members with or without guests, and juniors may use the Course under the following conditions:

– In a weekend medal, only after the final group which has booked a time has teed off.

Winter Medal Play

Winter Saturday monthly medal tee times for online booking will be restricted to times that will ensure that competitors are not compromised by bad light.


Players must enter competitions by signing their name in the competition entry book provided in the Clubhouse on the day of the competition.

All competitors must hold a current CONGU handicap.

If starting times are allocated in advance, any player who fails to start at the time allocated may be written to for an explanation.   Any repetition of such action may result in the player being banned from future competitions.

During Ladies’ competitions, Ladies may play for the purpose of regaining a handicap or submitting a supplementary score but they are not permitted to play with competitors.

The Match Secretary shall publish the times of Ladies Competitions in the fixture list.


The following rules apply:

Every day, up until 9:30am.

No booking of tee times. Members are required to turn up, register with the Starter and play at the next available tee time. Members participating in Club match-play competitions will however be allowed to pre-book tee off times before 9:30am subject to certain restrictions.

Every day, after 9:30am.

Times are bookable by members up to 8 days in advance or longer if playing in a Club match-play competition. No times will be specifically reserved for members wishing to turn up, register with the Starter and play however any time not booked in advance will be available to members who turn up on the day.

For members wishing to play with guests see section 8.


Any member may introduce a friend or friends into the Clubhouse as a guest during normal Clubhouse hours. The member shall enter their own name, the name and full address of the guest and the date of each visit in the book provided for that purpose. There is no restriction to the number of occasions members may introduce guests into the Clubhouse.

The member shall be responsible for the dress and conduct of their guests both on the Course and in the Clubhouse.

Before inviting their guest to play on the course members must ensure that their guests have achieved an acceptable standard of golf and that they understand the etiquette of golf.

Members may book a time to play with a guest or guests on the course as follows:

Midweek – Monday to Friday:

At any time of day as far ahead as they wish by booking in advance with the Starter either in person or by telephone. The facility to book a time to play with a guest using the on-line booking system is restricted to tee-times after 11.00am and only up to 8 days in advance.


After 11.00am as far ahead as they wish by booking in advance with the Starter either in person or by telephone or up to 8 days in advance if using the on-line booking system. Members wishing to play with a guest or guests before 11.00am at weekends can only do so on a turn up and play basis.

Members introducing guests for play must ensure that the green fee is paid prior to the start of their game and that their guests’ names and addresses are recorded in the starter’s office or at the bar.

Any member that fails to pay for a guest on the day of play on the Course will be required to pay the full green fee in force at the time.

A member may introduce a maximum of three guests for play on the Course on condition that the member plays with these guests.

No one person may be introduced as a guest at any reduced charge that applies on more than five occasions in a subscription year. Thereafter the full green fee applicable at the time will become payable.

Members may introduce a maximum of 20 guests in any subscription year at a rate of £12 per guest up to a maximum of 5 games per guest.  Thereafter each guest can play for £25 per round.

Members may introduce unlimited additional guests in any subscription year at a rate of £25 per guest

When several members introduce guests for play and in doing so form an organised party, the discounted green fee for guests will apply only where the total number in the group, including members, does not exceed sixteen.


Members and visitors must park their cars between the white lines to allow others convenient access and to ensure delivery and emergency vehicles have clear access to the Clubhouse.

Members, guests and visitors must not change in the car park.

Members playing on the Course must display the bag tag with which they have been provided to show their category of membership.

Members must report to the Secretary any damage they may have caused to club property or property adjoining the Course in case an insurance claim arises.

Players are not allowed to be accompanied by a dog.  Members are requested not to walk their dogs on playing areas of the Course at any time.

Non-playing members are permitted to be members’ guests on the same basis as is set out in these rules for non-members. Non-playing members may use the putting green, subject to the wearing of golf shoes.

Items of property belonging to the Club such as hand towels, toilet requisites, glasses etc must not be removed from the Clubhouse.


In accordance with the Constitution precedence of admission to Junior Membership will be shown to the children or grand-children of Members or deceased Members.

Junior members are not permitted in any area of the Club where alcohol is sold or consumed unless accompanied by an adult.

Unaccompanied juniors must vacate the clubhouse by 10.00pm.

Before a junior member is allowed to play on the Course, their parents must have ensured that the junior member has attained a reasonable standard of golf and that they understand the etiquette of golf.

In junior competitions, juniors should play from the yellow tees. Juniors should begin at the first hole and must, if unable to commence play within the stipulated tee-off time, leave the Course.

Junior members with a handicap of 11 or below may play in the appropriate medal competitions organised for those in other categories of membership. Juniors with a handicap of 5 or below may play in all the appropriate competitions organised for those in other categories of membership except for match play events.  Juniors may play for handicap purposes only; they may not win any prize or participate in any sweepstake in senior competitions.

Junior members may introduce as a guest to play on the Course a parent, guardian, or friend within the junior age group on the same basis as that applicable to other members.


For Health and Safety reasons the use of personal single seat ride-on buggies is not allowed, however there are two-seater golf buggies available for hire from the Starter, by members or visitors, subject to them being either registered disabled or on production of a medical certificate from their doctor.

Permission to hire the buggy will be granted subject to prevailing ground and weather conditions and on completion of the appropriate ‘Conditions of Use’ documentation.


It is the duty of the Committee to investigate any reported breach of conduct or club rules, of which it becomes aware.

The Captain may appoint a sub-committee to carry out an investigation and the result will be reported to the Committee, who will then decide on the appropriate course of action described in the Constitution.

The complainant and any member reported will be afforded the opportunity of presenting their case before the Committee.

The complainant and any member reported will be informed of the decision of the Committee in writing.