2020 SGM Notices

A short Special General Meeting of the Club will be held by Zoom on Thursday 10 December 2020 at 7.00pm.  The purpose of the meeting is to formally approve certain items of business that should have been considered at the 2020 AGM in order that the decks have been cleared ahead of the 2021 AGM which we hope will go ahead by the end of April 2020 as determined by the Club Constitution.

Please find below the Calling Notice containing details of the agenda items to be considered.  There are seven items that require to be voted on and as a show of hands vote is not practical, voting on the night will be carried out using Zoom’s on-line voting portal, a request for a virtual paper vote having already been approved by Committee.

Also attached are minute of the 2019 AGM, the Captain’s Report on behalf of the Management Committee  and the Financial Report  and accounts for the year ended 31 December 2019.

Members wishing to take part in the Zoom SGM are required to pre-register by 5.00pm on Monday 07 December 2020 and registration will be open from 9.00am on Friday 04 December 2020. The registration link will be sent to all members entitled to attend the meeting on Thursday 03 December.

To keep matters simple, and as there will be no opportunity to speak on the night, if you have any questions concerning any item on the agenda please submit them in writing or by email by 5.00pm on Monday 07 December 2020 to allow time for a response to be formulated ahead of the SGM.

Please note that only the voting members of the Club along with Honorary Life Members and Honorary Members will be allowed to register for the meeting.

For all the wrong reasons, the hosting of a General Meeting of the members of the Club using a social media platform is an historic, and hopefully never to be repeated, event.  For the meeting to be quorate we require a minimum of 50 voting members to register and sign in.

Please find available:

Calling Notice,

Minute of the 2019 AGM,

The Report and Accounts Booklet 2019

Captain’s address to the 2019 meeting.

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